30-MINUTE PRIVATE WALK from $25.00

There will be a high chance your dog is going to meet more new dogs on the walk, and if he/she is unsociable this is a great space to let him adapt more to new things and making new friends. Nothing will come easy but to let him conjure his fears is all manageable and achievable, with our help we believe we can bring the best out of your pet and to keep your relationship with him/her in a happy and a healthy mood. So private walks will be the choice for dogs that are not really sociable, but in hoping to become more comfortable out of his/her comfort zone. 



Inactive dogs are often overweight dogs, as in people, that brings in a lot of health problems. A regular walk will not only help to reduce unwanted diseases but also it helps to maintain a very well behaved dog. A tired dog is a happy one, this will also improve your happy relationship your furry friend. IF you want to book in your dog for dog walking session call us now and we are happy to answer any questions you may have.