An in-exercised dog is an overweight dog, and that will not only allows your dog to have health problems but also unwanted behaviors. You may think you backyard is enough for your dog to roam in daily,  it surely is not enough at all. Each dog were born with an instinct to discover his/her natural habitat. This will not only help with their health, mind stimulation but also to let them learn more about their neighborhood. Any regular customers will automatically receive a %10 discount for a minimum of two walks per week. 



Inactive dogs are often overweight dogs, as in people, that brings in a lot of health problems. A regular walk will not only help to reduce unwanted diseases but also it helps to maintain a very well behaved dog. A tired dog is a happy one, this will also improve your happy relationship your furry friend. IF you want to book in your dog for dog walking session call us now and we are happy to answer any questions you may have.

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