Professional Dog Grooming

At Golden Paws, we are trained to do general and professional dog grooming, precise to the specification of the dog breed, so they look, feel & smell their best. Your dog is going to love it!

We facilitate grooms for any breed and size.

Once they are groomed, we allow them to socialize and get comfortable around other dogs in our doggy day care. They are social animals that behave better and are happier if they have a chance to be around other dogs. Your pooch deserves the best.

Appointments are necessary and it normally takes between 1 to 2 hours, depending on the dog. A full groom includes a bath and dry, nail trimming, sanitary and pads clean, full coat trim, facial trim, ears clean and anal glands on request only (extra charge). No dog is too big or too small for us.

We strive to rejuvenate your pooch and make them look, smell and feel beautiful after they leave our grooming salon.

We deserve the rights to use the dog’s photos for marketing purposes.


  • Puppies (under 5 kg) - From $40

  • Large Puppies (over 5 kg, breeds such as Labradors and short haired) : From $50

  • Small Adult Dogs (under 10 kg) : From $60

  • Medium Adult Dogs (10 kg to 20 kg) : From $75.00

  • Large Adult Dogs (20 kg to 40 kg) : From $80.00

  • De-shredding (mainly for double coated dogs) : $70 per hour

  • Hand stripping (terriers preferred groom) : $70 per hour

  • Bath and dry only : From $35.00

Additional costs will apply to any extra time required for the groom due to the condition of the coat (such as de-matting) or not not well behaved dogs.

It is our right to do what is best for all the dogs and make sure they do not suffer any stress while getting groomed, therefore if we feel that your dog is too stressed, we will do what is best for them and not continue the groom. We will inform you of any of the above issues that are expected as groomers and we expect you to pay an additional fee.

Following are some of the beautiful pooches we have groomed