our Fur Baby Paco

About 4 years ago I decided to start the Golden Paws dream just after a very good reason. That reason is the love for my one and only fur baby named Paco, since we traveled a lot there was always that feeling of being guilty to leave him behind, not only that but he sure wasn't going to have all the love and attention he normally gets when we are at home. 


It came to me as a thought of how many other animals that are left behind either with their neighbors or in kennels who wish they could still carry on with their everyday schedules while their parents are away. I found out that there is a huge need for this and Paco was not the only one who needed a human helper as their carer while their homan parents are away for a day or much longer. I then started Golden Paws and it was the best thing ever not only for Paco to make more friends but also for the furry clients to be out for fun and be able to achieve their daily routine as usual. To a dog's world there are simple things to complete their day with, such a walk, treats, catching balls or sticks, more walks, running along with other dogs and sniffing on a lot of things their other dog neighbors live marks on, food and fresh water is all they need.

Simply Paco was the reason I started this dream job, and he was everywhere with me most of the time while we are at work. I have enjoyed working with the dogs a little bit more everyday as there are always a new faces to meet and a new challenge to  conquer. The smile on each dogs face makes me so proud and happy to continue this, and Paco was just as excited as I am to go out for walks and work with dogs everyday. There was this very uncountable love this beloved boy always bring to our lives and so as to our work day by day. Out of my worst nightmare I never imagine he would be gone just after he turned 5 years old, I am beside myself and I find it really hard to work without his presence and I do not quiet enjoy it anymore. 


This is probably why they call dogs "men's best friend" , they live for such a short time and they leave the biggest paws print in your life when they passed. That yabby little attitude he has, excitement to walk and just jump in the car whenever we leave, hanging out the window with a big smile on his face, talking to everyone we came across, lifting his leg on everything and anything he can to leave a mark on, over excitement to see us when we came back from somewhere, sleeping all day by my side either at home or at work as long I was there, the list will go on and I wish I still can see him and have him around us as it used to be. No one was too excited as Paco to get out of bed in the morning and go to work, and as soon as he got to our working site (the grooming shop) he would sit by the gate waiting patiently to greet everyone who enters our shop. He sure did have a life full of joy and happiness and he made it so remarkable that everyone that knows him really do miss having him around.We love and miss him, but Golden Paws must go on as this was also his dream. 


For any dog he/she simply wishes to be out there living a life filled with love, health and happiness. He made so many furry friends and human friends, and that is simply what every dog deserves day by day. We take this unforgettable happy yappy little boy's dream to make other dogs dream becomes a reality. He may rest in peace and he'll be forever our furry baby in our hearts. He will be forever the face and original boss at Golden Paws and his life will be forever remembered. 


BORN : 16/02/2013- 01/07/2018

So handsome and so loyal, he will be forever missed <3 

So handsome and so loyal, he will be forever missed <3