about us


Golden Paws is here to help keeping your much loved dogs entertained and exercised while  you're at work or away for a holiday. We do know you love your pets to their bones but sometimes you won't have the chance to give them that walk you promised. To walk your dog regularly is Canine Basics 101. A walk will not only provide your pooch with exercise but will also help them become more sociable by making new friends. We also do professional dog grooming for all breeds so that your dog not only look but smell good all the time. We have a day care on site as well for them to spend the day at while playing with their mates, inside and outside access all day long.

 No dog is too big or too small, everyone is equally the same and very unique to us. Our best interest is to provide exceptional care and dog walking services for any dog lovers out there like us. 

Also we offer the golden top notch grooming service to every customers who do not want to only have a beautiful fur baby but also a well cared for pet while with us. 

To understand each dog's owners best interest for their dogs will be our main focus to take any specific actions to get the job done at it's highest standard. We like challenges and we believe in " GO FOR GOLD" is an easiest outcome of what we want to achieve each day. 


The name GOLDEN PAWS, is to reflect our love for dogs and our aim to help improving their health and happiness. Golden Paws means taking care of our lovely pets at the highest standard and making sure we are doing the best for our clients .



Our Purpose

At Golden Paws, we believe that walking dogs is not only ideal for the owners to have a peaceful time away but to know their pets are in good hands, same goes to our day care and dog grooming services. We believe being a dog walker, pet sitter and dog groomer is a valuable choice.We pride ourselves in taking professional care of your pets and walking them to keep themselves happy and exercised while you are away. We also have added dog grooming to our service to distinguish your dog's look from the others. With our professional team we have invested our time into learning all the professional tips to be able to bring the best dog grooming to Ashburton and nearby neighbors.

In addition we send you text and email messages updates to ensure the CARE and SECURITY of your dogs.




“To inspire people to do what is right not what is good for the animals around them so that, together, we can change a world for our four legged family members for better.”

We strive everyday to make things a lot easier for our animal lovers and we make sure our services suits everyone at their best interest. With our staff members well trained and punctual about all things dog related we are here to help you and the dogs.

Golden Paws stands for Love, Health and Happiness